【G.T.R.-Good Times Radio-】オン・エア楽曲/演奏者索引②: A to G

【Player/song list of previous shows on a to z [CHIC songs only]】
「G.T.R.-Good Times Radio-」の索引カテゴリー を作りました。リクエストの参考にどうぞ。
曲名(アルファベット順) 放送回  
     ①【CHIC】→ http://hit2japan.exblog.jp/19363715/
     ③【H~N】→ http://hit2japan.exblog.jp/21585145/
     ④【O~U】→ http://hit2japan.exblog.jp/21585144/
     ⑤【V~Z and Japanese,メンバー不参加(カヴァー、オリジナル、
        サンプリング使用)】→ http://hit2japan.exblog.jp/21585143/
【Air Supply】
It’s Not Too Late 22,85

【Al B. Sure!】
Black Tie White Noise [/David Bowie duet with Al B. Sure!] 70
【Ambitious Lovers】
Make It Easy 157
Slippery 154
【Anderson, Laurie】
Excellent Birds 34,80
Flame Game 154
Lay Me Down 47
【B.M.O.C. (Big Man on Campus)】
Guaranteed to Rock 90
Play That Funk 81
【Bailey, Philip】
Back It Up 128
Echo My Heart 150
【Beavis and Butt-Head】
Come to Butt-Head 154
【Beck, Jeff】
Ambitious 14,57
Escape 14
Get Workin’ 154
Night After Night 156
Stop, Look and Listen 155
【B-52’s, The】
Dreamland 43
Revolution Earth 38
Roam 23,80
Tell It Like It T-I-Is 33,68
Vision of a Kiss 52
The World’s Green Laughter 33
【Bowie, David】
Black Tie White Noise [/David Bowie duet with Al B. Sure!] 70
China Girl 42,70,99,146.149
Dancing in the Street [/David Bowie & Mick Jagger] 19,30,48,146
Don’t Let Me Down & Down 151
I Feel Free 64,84,146
I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday 149
Jump They Say 137,140
Let’s Dance 1,30,37,93,106,128,138,147
Let’s Dance [/CHIC, live, medley] 54,133,139
Looking for Lester 142
Lucy Can’t Dance 78
Miracle Goodnight 74
Modern Love 47,65,89,146
Nite Flightes 138
Pallas Athena 148,152,154
Real Cool World 146
The Wedding 136,137
The Wedding Song 146
Without You 16,132,146
You’ve Been Around 68
Magic [/Mystery Skulls featuring Nile Rodgers and Brandy] 142
Number 1 [/Mystery Skulls featuring Brandy and Nile Rodgers] 143

【Brown, Jocelyn】
You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me [/Bernard Edwards with Jocelyn Brown]
【Carey, Maria】
You Need Me 24,117
【Clapton, Eric】
Stone Free 53,157
【Crowell Sisters】
Maybe It’s the Fun 128
Sexy Sexy Thing 151
She’s a Player 153
【Crown of Thorns】
Are You Ready 98,135
Crown of Thorns 94
The Healer 155
Hike It Up 63,85,125
No You Don’t 156
Secret Jesus 154
【Daft Punk】
Get Lucky [/Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers]
Give Life Back to Music [/Daft Punk featuring Nile Rodgers] 9,15,18,21,
Lose Yourself to Dance [/Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and
 Nile Rodgers] 9,10,14,17,20,45,99,123,141
【Dash, Sarah】
My Love Song for You [/Nile Rodgers with Sarah Dash] 67
【Davis, Carole】
Antonio Was a Gigolo 122
Diggin’ Jerome (Girl Talk) 124
A Frown Is Just a Smile Upside Down 126
It’s in My Genes 109
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 115
Serious Money 114
Sexual Favors 120
Slow Love 68
Styicky Situation 116
The Thigh’s the Limit 110
When My Money’s Gone 111
Together [/Disclosure featuring Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers and
 Jimmy Napes] 97
Speech of Angels 156
Stand Up 66,155
Under the One Sky 63,85,154
【Duran Duran】
Change the Skyline 131,153
Notorious 15,37,77,94,107
Notorious [/CHIC, live medley] 54,133,139
Only in Dreams 129,130
Pressure Off [/Duran Duran featuring Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers]
The Reflex 11,21,73,106,108
Skin Trade 65,108,125.149
A View to a Kill 1,52,100,106
The Wild Boys 58,69,95
【Dylan, Bob】
Ring of Fire 155
【Edwards, Bernard】
Don’t Do Me Wrong 71
Glad to Be Here 75,104
Hard Loving Man 73,95
Joy of Life 74
You Don’t Know Me 72
You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me [/Bernard Edwards with Jocelyn Brown]
Your Love Is Good to Me 70
【Ferry, Bryan】
Avonmore 93
Don’t Stop the Dance 6,55,62,96
Driving Me Wild 92
Gemini Moon 93
Help Me 94
Loop De Li 91
Midnight Train 94
N.Y.C. 91
One Night Stand 96,104
Sensation 7,95
Slave to Love 45,97
A Special Kind of Guy 95
The 39 Steps 92
【Gabriel, Peter】
Out-Out 89
This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds) 10,80,153
Walk Through the Fire 88
【Glass Tiger】
Blinded 86
My Town [/Glass Tiger with Rod Stewart] 84
【Gollehon, Mac】
Out of Bounds 155
【Guitar Ensemble,The】
White Christmas 144

人見 欣幸

1991 文筆デビュー
1995 ナイル・ロジャーズにファンレターを渡す(交流開始)
1997 レギュラーラジオ番組開始
2011 Nile Rodgers/CHIC応援組織 "Good Times" を内海初寧と結成、同年よりウェブ番組 "Good Times TV" 開始(13年まで)
2019 新メンバーを加え、六月より "Good Times Tube" としてウェブ番組を復活

■favorite musicians:
Nile Rodgers,Bernard Edwars&Tony Thompson

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